Editorial . February . 2014

ECS NEPAL today crosses a key milestone of 150 issues. It is a great feeling of achievement and the entire team lead by Sunil Shrestha deserve a big hug and a pat on the back. 

There have been so many ups and downs in the country since the first issue of ECS NEPAL came out. So many great stories and so many amazing images have been carried in the 150 issues of ECS NEPAL. We are so proud that we have been able to contribute in our own way and tell the story of Nepal like no other publication. 
Starting from this issue, we have revamped the magazine with new sections on photography and things to do in Nepal. A feature on the City Museum in the heart of the city will make you want to visit. It will become one of those key places to visit. 

There’s a piece on the Saraswoti puja or the day many Nepalis take time out to celebrate and show gratitude to the Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati. There are shrines dedicated to Saraswati all over the country and the young and old converge at these sites to pay homage which carry the symbol of the satkon or the equivalent of the Star of David. 

In this issue of ECS NEPAL, we also have a number of features around tigers, the efforts to save them and the tourism industry that has come to flourish because we have these wonderful animals. We must all take time out to remember and appreciate the efforts of so many naturalists, ecologists, and wildlife biologists etc. who have helped to preserve the tiger. 

We shall do our bit at ECS NEPAL. Whether you like to have tea or coffee in Patan or take a jungle safari in Chitwan, stay informed through the pages of ECS NEPAL. We shall even tell you the best places to buy your organic spring onions. Whatever you are planning to do this month, please make some time for the Nepali way.