Editorial . November . 2013

Power transfer

The second round of elections for the Nepali Constituent Assembly (CA) is scheduled to take place this month. It may be disruptive and even chaotic at times, but we do have to realize that the world has not come up with a better idea than regular elections to enable the smooth transfer of power. The days of divine right and dynasties are behind us. It is all about people power now. Nepal’s history is full of conspiracies, massacres and secret deals. Accepting the verdict of the people must become a culture, along with the rule of law that sees every citizen as equals. Nepal has had its ups and downs with democracy but that is no reason to give up on it. We all seek peace and prosperity and that requires a peaceful transfer of power regularly.

Of the many ways and choices one has to spend a pleasant and peaceful day in Nepal, one that tops them all is browsing through the Patan Museum inside the Durbar Square. It is quiet, peaceful, it has wonderful collections on various aspects of Nepali history, art and craft; and perhaps the best part is that the information and interpretation is done really well. It is a great learning experience for everyone and all age groups. The museum also has a great space in the back for live performances and a restaurant that is very popular for lunch. You will not just enjoy our story on the Patan Museum, but will decide to spend some time there. As more wings of the historical Malla period palace gets restored, thanks to the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, the whole area is going to be one the prime locations, second to none, in the whole world. It is wonderful to see the growing number of Bed & Breakfasts around the square, perfect to house your guests and yourself.

In this issue of ECS NEPAL we feature a story on the myth and legends around Bhairab, we have stories on lifestyles and the art scene that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every day here. You will enjoy our unique look at the seasonal prayers or Bhajans. The story about the Dolpo Shey Festival maybe of special interest to you and may even inspire you to decide to make a trip to this unique geography of Nepal. The movie on Dolpo, about the salt caravan, even made it to the Oscars some years ago and its sound track continues to be heard all over the place. From courtyards to the age old ritual of shorashraddha, whatever your interest in Nepal, this is another excellent issue of ECS NEPAL.

As we approach those chilly mornings and cold nights you may want to take a good read of our story on woolen items. We also have our travel news, reviews and stories on interesting people and their aspirations and achievements; we also take you tubing – a new adventure ‘sport’ that made its debut recently. Whatever you are doing this month, make some time for the Nepali way.