Editorial . August . 2012

Stepping out

There is magic out there, but we shall never know, if we do not step outside the comfort of our homes and offices. Whether it is a short hike, a rafting trip down one of Nepal’s rivers or trail blazing across the country in a two wheeler, we must be willing to step out of one’s comfort area. The good thing is that many people are doing just that. Look at all the wonderful images of people and places that are coming to us from every nook and corner of this beautiful country. If we are to attain lasting peace in Nepal, we are all going to have to step out and get to know each other much better. We need to learn of the different economic conditions we live in and the gaps in access to basic services. There are a few complaints about Nepalis not being treated well in Nepal; but this is the kind of chicken and egg situation that will change as more of us step out and reach out to other Nepalis. There is something for everyone out there. Just give yourself the permission.

The Karnali River in the far west of Nepal and the area to its west has always been a source of fascination and sense of mystery for many. There is so much unexplored in the region. There is so much here and yet the only thing that seems to make its way into the mainstream media is poverty and food shortage. Karnali has much more to offer. Karnali is the source of the Nepali language that we all use to communicate with each other. Speaking of languages, words and names, there are many places across the country that have the same name. Chisapani is one such name of a place. Any place across Nepal that has cold, refreshing water is called Chisapani. Find out more about one such location in this issue of ECS.

Today the social media is allowing many of us to share old images of Nepal in digital format. Facebook has also made it easy to store and share many of our favorite images. It was not in “ancient times” that we had to buy a postcard, buy stamps put a cancellation ‘rubber’ stamp and then post it to family and friends. It took anywhere between one week to a month to get them to the person addressed! Yes we all sent and received post cards of Nepal and exotic places globally. Many collected these along with the stamps. Wonder if they will make a comeback again.

As the rice planting season ends, people across Nepal will take a well deserved break and will be engaged in many festivals in the coming month. Here is a list of the few that are coming up.

  • August 2 and 3 are for Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra, get those beans,
  • August 4 is for Mataya in Patan
  • August 9 is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna (Krishna Astami) and
  • August 11 is the festival of Bhimsen, the Pandav from Mahabharata, in Patan,
  • August 15 is for Pancha Daan ….the Buddhist day of GIVING and
  • August 17 is father’s day.

Whatever you are doing this month, please take some time off for the Nepali way.