Editorial . March . 2012

Just do it

The word addiction is often associated with negative or ‘bad’ habits, but there are people addicted to being in the great outdoors. It is hard to say whether it is the air, the sounds of the birds, bees and the winds passing through the trees; or just the joy of getting up to the top and looking at the world all around, many people will just get up, strap on their boots, carry a back pack and start hiking and trekking. Look at all the gear and equipment shops and outlets out there. What a range of choices of jackets and boots, altimeter and compasses, water bottles and flashlights, backpacks and tents; it is a huge economy in itself. Like all habits and addictions, it has to start somewhere and sometime. This spring, in Nepal will be a good time and place to start. While many of the treks in Nepal follow the river valleys from south to north and over high passes into the adjacent river valleys; the Great Himalayan Trail goes from east to west Nepal.

With the arrival of spring and warmer days, the season of colors is here. The festival of Holi, which falls on March 7 this year, has been and can be a great day of fun and games for children, the whole family and even the entire neighborhood. The idea is to use this festival of colors to create space for everyone to get together and have fun and help tie the bonds and deepen relationships. One does need to take care about the quality of the colors one uses and its effect on the eyes and skin. Many will also decide to celebrate Holi on the streets; and there will be numerous concerts and music festivals that you may want to attend. You do need to take care and be “street smart” if you decide to venture out.

Talking of colors and trekking, the Annapurna Conservation Area is going to be full of spring blossoms and the villages and lodges are going to be busy hosting guests from all over the world. The basic idea that people are part of all conservation solutions has been proven by the population of the area. ACAP is one of those global flagship success programs in establishing the best ways to conserve and manage natural resources. ECS is proud to bring you stories that highlight this success and tell you the story of the people and places of ACAP. This is one of the most popular destinations for trekkers from all over the world. While in ACAP please make sure you spend some time listening to the stories of how the people are overcoming challenges in conserving the area for all future generations.

Each month ECS is dedicated to bringing you the best stories and images of Nepal. From the beautiful living spaces of the Newa Chen in Patan to the art and craft of candle making, we are all teaming up to tell stories in the best possible way. The team would appreciate your inputs as well. Whatever you are doing this month, please make some time for the Nepali way.