Editorial . July . 2011

Nepal Unites

The monsoon season of 2011 is going to be remembered in Nepali history for many things. It is the season when most Nepalis will be planting rice which will ensure that everyone is fed for the next one year. The Nepali people are also looking forward to seeing the draft constitution that will determine the future destiny of this country that has seen so much suffering over the years. This monsoon, the world is also witnessing the Nepali people coming together, uniting for the common good. This monsoon is going to be special because Nepal will have to unite to secure our future food supply. As the shortage of labor rises due to large migration off the farms and out of the country, Nepalis will have to unite to make sure rice is planted on all available land. Food security is going to be a mission for which Nepal needs to unite.

We need to unite because we need a constitution and lasting peace. We shall unite because we know that there is no other way to build a peaceful and prosperous country. Once we unite, all the challenges we face will be manageable, small enough to tackle, even insignificant. First we have to unite. This issue of ECS focuses as the natural sites of Nepal that offer unlimited opportunities for the outdoor and adventure lovers from Nepal and from across the globe. Whether you like to be on your mountain bike, or to climb mountains; whether you are excited about white water rafting or canoeing; whether you like rock climbing or kayaking; Nepal is the place to be. Its natural endowment is second to none when it comes to adventure sports.

In this great destination, we need peace; and the only way to get to peace is to have a constitution so that we can move on to nation building. For that to happen, we shall have to unite. Adventure sport is a perfect means to help good teams to become better – all the time. These sports are done in teams and the members of the team must trust each other in order to enjoy the sports. If the trust is broken, accidents do happen. No one wants that to happen. Everyone wants to enjoy the game, to compete even with oneself, and to win. This is what teamwork is all about.
A divided team gets nowhere. There is anger and frustration all around and people then begin the blame game. They ultimately become indifferent. The challenges Nepal faces today are no different than the challenges posed to the adventure sports lover. As people in teams become good at solving problems, they are then willing to take up even bigger challenges. Nepalis have proven in the past that they can take on challenges. Whether it is to climb Sagarmatha or to raft down the world’s greatest rivers, we are second to none. The key is, it must be team work.

Nepal’s topography is often projected in the development circles as a near impossible place to work in, let alone build and manage infrastructures. The same Nepal however is the best in the world for the adventure sports lover. We all need to think outside the box we are in to move ahead and progress. Whatever you do in the coming days, we hope you make some time for the Nepali way.