Kathmandu A Pocketful of Momos

Bookworm Issue 134 Jan, 2013
Text by Philip Blenkinsop / Photo: photo.circle

Search for a city’s soul in its landmarks and monuments and your spoils will be disappointment. There are no clearly written guidebook directions for what you seek... it is to be found in the lifetimes between one’s hopes and one’s expectations... those off-guarded moments when the mind has wandered from its itinerary, disorientated, unguarded, vulnerable and is ambushed by an exchange which melts back into the shadows of the street like a phantom, its disappearance, as assured as its arrival was unexpected.

A world to which no doorways exist; only windows, measured in seconds where a gamut of emotions frolic and clash.

Kathmandu, A Pocketful of Momos represents the brave endeavours of 38 young students of photography as they turn their backs on the homogenous postcard visions we have all grown so tired of and embark on this quest in search of windows to the soul of Kathmandu.

I congratulate them for their efforts and wish them all every continued success and safe travels.