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  • A place of solitude


    Embrace tranquility and surrender yourself to peace at Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort And Spa Most of us city slickers have never really experienced the tranquility that nature provides. Instead, we have grown accustomed to the constant noise that abounds in our metro. But there’s a place, hardly 30 minutes

  • Like Living In Your Own Home: Sagarmatha Apartment

    Amar B Shrestha

    It’s not just the location. It’s not only the amenities. It’s also the fact that the management is so mindful of making guests feel at home that makes Sagarmatha Apartment the ideal place to live in while in Kathmandu. Marci Clark of Shanghai, China, was here on a two-week

  • An odd spot in Thamel

    Kritish Rajbhandari

    A traditional home turned restaurant has helped preserve and promote Kathmandu’s architectual and gastronomical heritage. Don’t be misled by the name! Although located in a tourist hub awash with chic eateries serving foreign cuisines, Thamel House stands miles apart from its neighboring restaurants in terms of food as well

  • A place to call your own

    Utsav Shakya

    Family and culture is at the heart of Thagu Chhen: A Cosy Home, boutique apartments in Bhaktapur for the modern traveler. Dogs howl in the distance. The large palace square, where the elderly had been practicing their hymns to the beat of cymbals and temple bells during our dinner,

  • A traditional landmark in Pokhara

    A new hotel in Pokhara borrows the charms of Kathmandu valley architecture to stand out in the lake city. What a view from the Hotel Landmark! Soon as we entered the Lakeside boulevard that runs along the eastern side of Fewa Lake, a jaw-dropping view of the tranquil lake

  • Close to the heart


    It doesn’t take much to appreciate. It takes immense generosity however, to allow something to be close to your heart. This is a story of a place which  does that and more. I always knew I liked nature. When someone asked me which part of it I liked the