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  • Silver Linings

    Avantika Shrestha

    Anyone can manufacture machine-made craft, but the skill of making them by hand is sacred. In the market, machine-made jewelry and other craft are easily available, but the beauty preserved in handmade craft cannot be replicated by a machine. The time, dedication, and effort that the craftsmen

  • Rudravarna Mahavihar a Precious Heritage

    Amar B Shrestha

    Kathmandu Valley is estimated to have more than 2,500 temples of different styles, the most prevalent being the pagoda type. Rudravarna Mahavihar is one of the most beautiful of such pagoda style temples. According to those who know, Rudravarna Mahavihar in Okubahal, Lalitpur, is the second most important vihar

  • Homage to Paltan


    Among the busy crowds, an old house silently stands watching people go by. Among the busy crowds, people silently stare as the soldiers march on the wall. It’s hard to miss Paltan Ghar if you’re walking between Ason and Indrachowk, thanks to the shops housed there that