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  • Almost Lost in Time

    Shreesha nankhwa

    Off the bustling streets, and into a world nearly forgotten... As you walk a few minutes south from the perpetually jammed streets of Teku, near the banks of Bagmati, you come across a long-standing temple dedicated to a fierce deity devoutly worshipped among the Newar clans of

  • Trek to the Clouds

    Svasti Garg

    Trek to the Clouds You don’t have to go far and away to enjoy a day in the wilderness, look around you, and you’ll discover there’s plenty nearby, too. Despite the concrete jungle that Kathmandu has become, there are still small slices of nature as yet untouched

  • Bhratang, the Apple Heaven

    Dibesh Dangol

      Bhratang, the Apple Heaven   En route to Manang from Chame, there is a small village called Bhratang, a veritable apple heaven. Dibesh Dangol interviewed Samraj Gurung, Chairman of Agro Manang, to know more about Bhratang, the apple farm, and Farmhouse, a resort besides

  • Still very much the Heart of Kathmandu

    Amar B. Shrestha

    Still very much the Heart of Kathmandu   Among the many indelible images after the royal massacre on June 1, 2001, is one that reflects the despondency of the country and the shroud of mystery hanging over an event so unimaginable as to baffle the senses.

  • Where Am I

    Amar .B.Shrestha

    Where Am I The Blessing I entered the small doorway, carved as intricately as only the doors of Lalitpur’s magnificent mahavihars can be, ducking my head as I did so, and walked around a wide courtyard to a doorway leading into a small dark portico. Inside,

  • Five Things to do in Nepal

      Five Things to do in Nepal 1. Be a part of Sandhya Aarti Pashupati is one of the must-go-to places in Kathmandu, if you want to learn about Hinduism. Among the main attractions of the temple, the aarti (prayer) is what most people

  • The Enterprising Chinese of Thamel

    Jade Gao (Gao Xuan)

      The Enterprising Chinese of Thamel Down the years, a Little China has sprung up around Thamel, and it has many hard-working Chinese with great enterprising spirit.   Do these Chinese words attract your attention while walking in Thamel? I would say, “Yes, they

  • Holiday Comfort Zone with Newari Accent

    Urvi Suwal

    Holiday Comfort Zone with Newari Accent   Set in the midst of Patan Durbar Square, Lalit Heritage Home has the perfect location for guests and tourists to feel the complete essence of home, with a spectacular view of the heritage from just about any room. With

  • The Magic of Mystic Mountain

    Kate Chen

      The Magic of Mystic Mountain  Mystic Mountain Hotel: When the point of perfection meets the point of height Thirty-two kilometers from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a serene hill with a 270-degree panoramic view of the Himalaya. Driving along the crooked paths uphill, you can see Mystic

  • Pokhara Grande Hotel

    Pokhara Grande Hotel Grandeur at its Best Pokhara Grande Hotel lives up to its name with its grand lobby, massive conference halls, and eminent restaurants. Size matters here, and the quality of service, also, is not meager in any way. Its five-star grandeur and the luxury