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  • Jasmine Walls, and Deep Jade, the Depths

    Nina Merz

    Take a quiet moment to sit and reflect in the stillness as the sun slowly sets. The sun is going down, it sets fire to the water where they meet. Orange smudges into the still green water, disturbed only by ripples from a fish’s tail. There is serenity in

  • A Little Bit of Japan in Dhampus

    Elena Moody

    A Japanese inspired resort with a 180° panoramic Himalayan view My journey to Hananoie [Han-a-noy-ee] Permaculture Resort began the previous morning as I left Pokhara to make my way first to Tsukinoie Hotel in Dhampus, a peaceful and friendly village at the base of the Annapurna range. Among the

  • Bandipur Beckons

    Words Evangeline Neve

      A hike up an old trail to a historical hamlet leads to a peaceful and relaxed overnight stopover.   Sitting on the rooftop of The Old Inn in Bandipur, gazing out at the amazing view and basking in the tangible serenity, I simply couldn’t believe that

  • Where am I? "Pop Open Summer"

    Miya Bajracharya

    There are some places that don’t need promotion, because their existence itself has been the talk of the town for years. One such place is this soda pasal. Guess where am I? With summer here, it’s time for sodas again.And, there is just this one place

  • A Place for Rejuvenation - Divine Spa & Harmony Spa

    Shreesha Nankhwa

    De-stress with spa treatments that will get your body into balance with life and nature. Life in Kathmandu can be brutal—the pollution, the people, your job, not to mention all the everyday stressors that take away from your mental and physical wellbeing. As great as this city

  • Ayurveda Health Home

    It is a pioneer Pancha Karma center, with a history of more than one and a half decades. It is the first Ayurveda treatment center established under quality German management. Life is a functional union of sharira (body), indriya (senses), mana (mind), and atma (soul). A dynamic

  • Cleanse, Relax, Rejuvenate

    Evangeline Neve

    Open now for two years, the center specializes in many facets of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga, and other wellness services, in a hygienic setup. I had a good feeling the moment I stepped through the gate. The entrance was filled with bright, beautifully tended flowers. Inside, we were

  • Where am I? "Deviate from the Usual"

    Miya Bajracharya

    I feel it’s quite unfair for Thamel to be known only for tourism reasons. However, it is true that Thamel was one of the places that boosted Nepal’s tourism. And perhaps that is why this place has still hidden itself from all the hubbub of Thamel’s popularity.

  • Temptations at Temptino

    Newly opened Temptino makes quite a first impression. This restaurant is a new franchise of Ghangri Café serving Italian, continental and many more.  Its chill ambience and great selection of food is bringing a little bit of Italy to Kathmandu. We began with Gamberi Salsa Piccante—prawn with a creamy

  • Rich Architecture of Itumbahal

    Abhas D Rajopadhyaya

    Architecturally,  one of the biggest  Bahal of Kathmandu, Itumbahal is a fascinating confusion of open courtyards and narrow alleys.  R?jamat? gana du? Itumb?h?lay chhamha du Hay? biu R?jamat?-ch?. (Where is R?jamat?? There is one at Itumbah?. Bring me R?jamat?.) A popular Newar folk-ballad, also made