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  • Where am I? "Deviate from the Usual"

    Miya Bajracharya

    I feel it’s quite unfair for Thamel to be known only for tourism reasons. However, it is true that Thamel was one of the places that boosted Nepal’s tourism. And perhaps that is why this place has still hidden itself from all the hubbub of Thamel’s popularity.

  • Temptations at Temptino

    Newly opened Temptino makes quite a first impression. This restaurant is a new franchise of Ghangri Café serving Italian, continental and many more.  Its chill ambience and great selection of food is bringing a little bit of Italy to Kathmandu. We began with Gamberi Salsa Piccante—prawn with a creamy

  • Rich Architecture of Itumbahal

    Abhas D Rajopadhyaya

    Architecturally,  one of the biggest  Bahal of Kathmandu, Itumbahal is a fascinating confusion of open courtyards and narrow alleys.  R?jamat? gana du? Itumb?h?lay chhamha du Hay? biu R?jamat?-ch?. (Where is R?jamat?? There is one at Itumbah?. Bring me R?jamat?.) A popular Newar folk-ballad, also made

  • An Ode to Mountaineers

    Prajwal Maharjan

      TAAN is taking an important step to ensure that the tourism memorial park will be a place to remember and pay homage to the lives lost in the mountains. TAAN is set to build a memorial park for all the lives that have been lost

  • A Birth of Light, Lumbini Shines in the World

    Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    Located in the Terai of southern Nepal, the sparsely populated, forested, marshy land of Lumbini is famed as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, whose teachings and instructions on the path to peace and lasting happiness still inspire millions today. I first visited Lumbini in the early days

  • Relax and Read

    Divyanshi Sharma

    Happiness is a cup of your favorite coffee, a good book, and the afternoon to enjoy them both. Teahouses, cafes, and bars all fall into a similar sort, a place of business centered on serving a particular beverage, when the beverage in question is available at home at a

  • Shooting Hoops in the Mountain

    Text: Astha Joshi/ Photo: Prajwal Maharjan Chommorong (2,140 m) is a charming Gurung village on the Annapurna Circuit. It is the last stop where you can get proper hot showers and laundry, and the last point to refurbish your much needed supplies, such as batteries, as well as to

  • Divine Breakfast at Bouddha

    Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    Bouddhanath Stupa is where one goes to find a deeper meaning of one’s existence; it is where one finds oneself. One might wonder if spending time around the stupa could be any more calming. The much needed refreshing break it gives from the hustle-bustle of the city

  • The Ancient Cemetery of Bouddhanath, a Place for All

    Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    Bouddhanath Stupa is where one goes to find a deeper meaning of one’s existence; it is where one finds oneself. Everyone who arrives at the stupa of Bouddhanath gets a hearty greeting! No matter which direction you come from, its poignant eyes painted on all fours sides of the

  • The Crown Jewel of Chobhar

    Devendra gautam

    Even though he had been kidnapped, Lord Adinath was as revered in Lhasa as he was here; however, his heart remained in his hilltop abode in Chobhar.  There’s an ancient temple atop a peaceful hill in Chobhar, beyond outcrops of modern houses and pine trees, that is dedicated to