The Endearing Spirit of Madhav Narayan Festival

Text and Photo By Laxmi Prasad Nakhushi 2016-03-14

One of the lesser known festival of the valley, the Madhav Narayan Festival, nevertheless, commands a following of zealous devotees who throng the pardesh every year to pay homage to Char Narayans (Four Narayans).  

The Madhav Narayan Festival is a month-long festival that starts from Paush Sukla Purnima and ends in Magh Sukla Purnima. On this month, devotees of Madhav Narayan and Goddess Swasthani share mythical stories and folk tales of Lord Shiva. For me, it was a great opportunity to document the orthodox belief in God that we Nepalis enjoy and are deferential of. It was intriguing and interesting to see participation from little children who are yet to learn the greatness of God.  I guess, the wishful thinking we live with is the best unbeaten optimism of life. It’s enthralling to witness such involvement; their patience and endurance is just surprising and breathtaking.