Ashad, a Month of Precious Blessing

By Amar B. Shrestha / Photo: Amar D Rai 2018-07-24

Ashad is the month when the heavens rain down its precious blessings on the parched earth below, and the miles and miles of fertile fields in the mountains and the hills and the plains of the country, and the farmers who so tirelessly till those lands, breathe a collective sigh of relief, for once more will these very fields witness the pleasing sight of green paddy saplings being sown once again. In a nation where more than three quarters of the population make a living from tilling the land, Ashad is undoubtedly the most important month of the year. And, so, the people celebrate it with gay abundance and unfettered joy, for the wet passage of this month and the vital nourishment it brings will surely assure prosperity and abundance to all. The muddy fields are where the celebrations take place, and it is an uplifting sight that celebrates the nobility of honest labor. You, too, can take part in this most inspiring of celebrations and notch it down in your cache of unforgettable lifetime experiences.