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  • Trekking in Langtang: To Conquer the Unconquered

    Xie Jiaxin (Katherina)

    Trekking in Langtang: To Conquer the Unconquered As much as it is a journey that tests your physical boundaries, it is also about self-revelation that brings your philosophical side to the fore. Trekking the Langtang hills was all about gaining new insights and discovering new truths

  • The Climb

    Anuj Pandey

    The Climb  Fulfilling a boyhood dream took courage, determination, and endurance, but he did it, and it made him a better man.  Climbing a 6000-meter mountain may be an easy task for people like the hardy Sherpas, but for regular guys like you, me, and the

  • Onwards and Upwards with Lakpa Sherpa

    Many are the mountains he has summited, many are the trails he has trekked, yet he keeps trudging ever onwards, and climbing ever higher. Reflecting back on his childhood, he says that climbing mountains had always been his dream. From a distance, he would admire the shining white snow

  • The mountains have turned dark

    Affectionately known as Paala, or father, 78 year old Pasang Thundup resides at the lodge he runs for visitors at Tengboche. With the animated disposition that comes to an inebriated man of age, Paala opened up about his life in the hidden valley one very cold morning. At  3,780

  • The walk of my life: Memoirs of an unforgettable journey.

    The Great Himalaya Trails is a journey of life time that takes you from the highest mountain ridges in the world to some of the deepest gorges in a single sketch on a map. While you cross many rugged mountains and rigid cliffs disguised in the wilderness of