Naulo Bihani

Music Issue 60 Jul, 2010
Text by Kutumba

Kutumba’s third album was released on 23rd September and they have not deviated from their set goal of bringing together traditional and folk tunes. This is an extended album with the shortest track running 4:50 min. and the longest at 10:15 min. They dedicate a tune to all musicians who have been playing devotional music at the temples and other shrines around Nepal.

Kutumba is a band made up entirely of young Newar musicians: Arun Manandhar on tungna, Pavit Maharjan and Raju Maharjan on percussions, Rashil Palanchoke on sarangi, Rabin K. Shrestha on bamboo flute, Sambhu Manandhar and Siddhartha Maharjan on effects.

In this album Kutumba has paid tribute to one of the finest Nepali composers, late Gopal Yonzon, playing his tune entitled “Kanchi” which was the title track of the movie “Kanchi”. The music after this track gets percussion heavy and the band tries to bring out a festive mood in “Utsav”. They have also composed a tune especially for the 9th Hits FM Music Awards entitled “Feb 1(+3)”. The sarangi has a rich tone adding depth to their music. From their own compositions, they jump back 50 years to play a delightful piece by composer Bishnu Jalmi who wrote it for a street play at Harishidhi. The flute rings beautifully above the rest of the instruments while the sarangi’s wonderful tone arrests your attention. Kutumba is known for infusing Tibetan sounds, which can be heard in “Yak Walk”. This tune traces the imaginary adventure of a young boy from the Himalayan surroundings to the city. Kutumba has remained true to their goal and are always pleasing to the ear.

CD Courtesy:  East Meets West Music Box, Thamel, Phone 4256411