Aina Jhyal:The New Album from Nepathya

Music Issue 109 Nov, 2010
Text by Nivida Lamichhane / Photo: ECS Media

Winning thousands of hearts through their beautiful songs, Nepathya has been a trendsetter in the field of music for the last 19 years. Blending folk melodies into youth-friendly pop and rock format, this band of musicians has carved out a niche for themselves. Folk melodies have remained the life force of Nepathya. Apart from folk, Nepathya’s songs also portray contemporary Nepal – its pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines of.

After eight successive hit albums, Nepathya’s latest offering, Aaina Jhyal is sure to get a great response from the audience who are into the original Nepathya flavor; Folk- Rock. This album was produced and released by nepa~laya.

With ten tracks in the collection, Nepathya presents different stories in each, from fantasy tales to the up-bringing of children. Palla Gharka is a mixture of melodies found in the Karnali and Gandaki region of Western Nepal. The evolution of folk melodies as it travels across rivers, passing hearts has been portrayed. While an amusing song, Siran ma photo chha is based on the Tamang Selo tradition found in the settlements in northern Kathmandu and was collected from a group of Tamang porters whom the singer met at a trekking lodge in Langtang. Likewise, Aina Jhyal ko is a song written by Nepal’s National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire from the mid 1950s and the album has been named after the same.

All the songs in the collection are energetic, enthusiastic, full of life, and distinctly Nepali. The title song ‘Aina Jhyal’ is by far my favorite song in the album. I find the music beautiful and poignant; the simple, quiet melody is powerful enough to make people stop in their tracks and pay attention to Madhav Prasad Ghimire’s immortal words. The other songs are amazing too. Kudos to Nepathya in helping popularise folk music.