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  • Walk, Eat, and Do Good

    Lauren Paquette

    Walk, Eat, and Do Good by Lauren Paquette The annual Miteri Chhatrabritti Kosh (MCK) Scholarship Walk is a representation of two of Nepal’s most apparent aspects: friendship and food. It provides an opportunity to, as the slogan accurately describes, “Walk, Eat, and Do Good.” It

  • Working Together for Wildlife Conservation

    Evangeline Neve

    Working Together for Wildlife Conservation  by Evangeline Neve On Thursday, January 4th, 2018, a most interesting group of people gathered at the Resources Himalaya Foundation premises in Sanepa, Kathmandu—researchers from the Foundation itself, team members from the Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), students from New

  • Poleko Anda - A True Local Treat Worth Traveling For

    Kashu Dhakhwa

    Poleko Anda- A True Local Treat Worth Traveling For by Kashu Dhakhwa Being an egg lover, I never pass up a chance to find my perfect boiled egg. I have had some perfectly timed boiled eggs, but I never thought a fire roasted one would stop

  • Knights of Folk Music

    Girish Subedi

    Nepali folk band Night release their debut album. After numerous changes in their line-up, the band Night released their first album, ‘Ani Ukali, Sangai Orali, last month. Featuring ten songs, the album will also include two hit singles- ‘Kathor’ and ‘Tuina ko cha hai bhara,’ which have been

  • The Dhime girl

    Anutara Shakya

    Bhaktapur still holds a lot of secrets. One of the better kept ones is the story of Indira Lacchimasyu, the first female to play the dhime bajaa. Rarely do we come across people who are born to do what they do. These rare individuals have the ability to sweep

  • Resuscitating Lord Bhairav

    Girish Subedi

    Patan’s traditional prayers according to seasons  Majestic face and a divine body Aura that of the sun itself Coroneted with a crown of gold Crested with a ketaki flower These lines are part of a Newari traditional prayer dedicated to Lord Bhairav, regarded as a fierce manifestation of

  • Spreading like wildfire

    Ujeena Rana

    Darjeeling singer’s singles capture the imagination of Nepali music lovers in the mood for quality Nepali folk music What I have gathered from my e-mail and Facebook correspondence with Bipul Chettri is that he is not much of a talker. He mostly sends one-liner answers to a host of

  • Of strings and benevolence

    Suprasanna Aryal

    Sarod player Suresh Bajracharya talks about the instrument that established him as an up and coming musician. Underneath an evening sky, I sat down in Patan Museum courtyard with the other attendees for what promised to be an enchanting Sarod music show. The promise was lived up to. Listening to

  • The new folk

    utsav shakya

    Ithaca is a small town. In the winter, there’s really not much to do but to stay inside and work on things. For artists and musicians, it’s a good thing, allowing a seclusion that helps them focus on their work. For Diwas Gurung, the settings work. He has a

  • Sitar Hero

    Kshitiz Singh

    An effort to reintroduce the sitar to the world by building contemporary grooves beyond the norms of eastern classical styles Classical music has always been tagged as eccentric, mostly by those with little or no knowledge about it. In the present day global music scenario where western music has taken