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5 Things to do in Nepal

5 things to do in nepal


The rhododendron is a small flower with huge importance; Nepal’s national flower holds the responsibility of decorating the entire nation.  It not only  beautifies, but were you aware that it also has medicinal value? The juice made from is said to soothe head aches, cure dysentery and help with numerous other small ailments. And it’s tasty, too!



Garden of Dreams

Just picture it: a heavenly, dreamy sort of place, full of greenery and fountains and flowers; a peaceful environment in the heart of the city. Garden of Dreams is that place, located at the entrance of Thamel, this meticulously restored area is also home to a museum, restaurants and cafes. The perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon this month, basking in the winter sun—or anytime, really.



Sky diving in Pokhara

Pokhara has been a major tourist hub for many years. In addition to the moutains and lake for which it is famous, it’s now internationally  renowned as an adventure sports hub. So it’s not only a serene location, but now a thrilling one should you so desire! Sky diving can be an excellent choice as you experience your unforgettable freefall amidst the wonderful Himalayas.











Phulchowki, and perhaps Snow

It might not snow in Kathmandu, but it certainly does in other parts of Nepal. Phulchowki is a near enough spot to take a daytrip to, where you can hike and, perhaps if you are lucky, enjoy the snow. Whether or not the snow does make an appearance, you will still have one of the best experiences around with amazing view from the top of the hill.


Day out at the Zoo

Nepal’s one and only Central Zoo is a very special place which is home to more than 108 species of birds and animals. It’s where you can see many rare animals such as the one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger, Himalayan blue sheep and many, many more. The zoo is a great place to spend a day, seeing and learning more about Nepal's animals and what we can do to preserve and care for them.