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5 Things to do in Nepal

5 THINGS TO DO in Nepal


1. Gham ma badam

Having badam (peanuts) during winter is a default habit that every Nepali has. The peanut business probably goes up by more than fifty percent during the winter. It is usually on the off days, where you sit on the terrace with the bright sun at your back and even when you struggle to open every layer of the peanut, you want to have it more and more. It sure makes your surroundings a little messy, and you tend to get the shells and skins of the peanuts all over your clothes, but like us, we don’t think you’ll mind that— there’s too much enjoyment in this simple pleasure.

2. Pimbahal at night

Patan has many interesting locations to wander through. Some are the historical ones, some are newer ones, and then there is the Pimbahal pokhari, which is historic and also new. After the earthquake, the pond suffered dryness and reconstruction delays. This pond is around an amiable lakeshore pavilion. It is not only the pokhari, but the historical surroundings, northeast of the pond is Sulima Square, and north-side is the three-tiered Chandeswari Temple that was built in 1663. The best time to go to this place is during the night, when all the lights are lit and it feels like Tihar all throughout the year.

3. Making Kathmandu an art hub

Over the years, we have seen Kathmandu be a hub for art. There have been a lot of positive initiations from different groups of people and individuals to increase the essence of various Nepali art. Theater in Kathmandu has become a popular tool for showing a lot of talent and creation by our young Nepali actors and directors. If you are a lover of creative arts, you must visit Kathmandu’s popular theater locales, such as Mandala Theatre in Anamnagar and Shilpee Theatre in Battisputali. They always have a show on for you to laugh, cry, and enjoy!

4. Swoyambhu for the view

The dust and pollution in the city sometimes means that the view from the ‘monkey temple’ isn’t quite what it used to be, sadly. But it’s still pretty awesome, and while the scenes from there may be familiar to most of us, the view of the valley at night is a completely different experience. Go visit Swoyambhu with your camera phones after sunset, you won’t regret it a bit!

5. Warmth in ceramic cups

The colorful bright cups that have taken the market by storm in the last few years pop up every winter, but do you ever wonder where those ceramics cups are made? It is nowhere else but in Thimi! Terracotta ceramics has a long history in Nepali culture that is still alive and well today. They are to be found in day-to-day use in the city’s households, and are now catching on in the market of hotels and restaurants as an attractive alternative to imported ones, as well as for decorative purposes.