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  • Peace of poetry


    South Asian Poetry Festival for Peace was held in Kathmandu on December 7 and 8 with the aim to get the South Asian voice through poetry, out in the open. There couldn’t have been a better suited venue for poetry other than the Patan Durbar Square and the Kathmandu

  • The living church

    Lizbeth Lucksom

    The early missionaries did not struggle in vain. The oldest church in Nepal is proof of their resilience. Nepal, before being a secular state, was best known as a Hindu kingdom. The Hindu temples and shrines around the country are a common attraction for thousands of tourists each year.

  • Put a cap on it

    Anubhuti Poudyal

    What are topis anyway? Are they a symbol of honor, a basic fabric of culture or an utterly exaggerated form of clothing Each culture that’s proud of its existence has pieces of clothing with stories that go back into the past. A veil or a scarf. A meager hair

  • Art trancending confinement

    Swosti Rajbhandari

     ArtLab chooses to idolize into portraits local icons who have made immense contributions to society and to remind people of these heroes who have stood out in trying situations. Passing the Balaju-Chakrapath Ringroad on my way to work, I see huge paintings signed ‘Prasad’ standing out amidst the clutter

  • The Red Parade

    Srizu Bajracharya

    Where once beauty defined itself, today it is being defined. Everything in this world unfolds a story; you just need to look closer. The story that I am going to tell has been forever young for the celebration it brings to life on every Shrawan. The story itself isn’t

  • Hajuraama knows best !

    Anubhuti Poudyal

    Going through Nepali kitchen cupboards, you see not just food but also the ingredients of home remedies that have survived lifetimes. For a culture as old as ours, the results of these remedies are tremendous. My grandmother once told me she never fell ill when she was my

  • All in one

    Kshitiz Singh

    Dya Khaa pasa:, traditional shops that describe the trade behavior of the past still exchange goods from food items to powerful medicinal herbs A mix of mysterious aromas rises from a line of old shops, rushing through your nostrils as you pass by Dya Kha pasa: (pasa: is Newari

  • Trick or threat

    Kshitiz Singh

    The adventures hidden behind the mask of religion put on by Jatras of Kathmandu “Haastey…haaisey!” The fervent chants of adolescent participants echoes in the wind, enveloping the sea of people standing enthusiastically to celebrate the many jatras (festivals) of Kathmandu Valley. Observed throughout the year to mark numerous religious

  • A Feather Tale

    Suprasanna Aryal

    Interest in owning pigeons has changed from a mere hobby to a serious passion for many locals. Chandra Man Shrestha involved himself in the pigeon breeding business about 35 years ago and invests equal passion and enthusiasm even to this day. A small cozy room in his Bhimsenthan home

  • Open your mind

    Christina Sabrowsky

    It was in 1999 that Nutan Singh-Schäfer was asked by her employer, the Goethe Institute in Kathmandu, to do a translation work on the literary opus of German poet Goethe. “I thought to myself ´Why not?` and started doing some research on choosing something of his that would be most