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June 2017

  • Seeking Spirituality in Tapoban

    Seeking Spirituality in Tapoban

    Amar B. Shrestha

    The forest where a rishi (sage) undertakes tapasya (meditation) is called tapoban (ban: forest). Such a simple statement. Thus, so beautiful in the context of this increasingly complex world of today. Do you also want to follow the path of the sages? Want to experience serenity and balance in your

  • Wooden Wonders

    Wooden Wonders

    Avantika Shrestha

    An art form that speaks of the length of our history and culture, shared through a medium we need to learn more about. Often ignored when mentioning our rich culture represented through traditional art, I first came across the beautiful craftsmanship of Nepali woodcraft when visiting a small exhibition

  • Himalayan Travel Mart 2017— Bringing Travel Professionals Together

    Himalayan Travel Mart 2017— Bringing Travel Professionals Together

    The Nepal Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has organized the Himalayan Travel Mart 2017 in association with PATA International, Nepal Tourism Board, and a host of other partners. The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and participants will be attending

  • A Little Bit of  Japan in  Dhampus

    A Little Bit of Japan in Dhampus

    Elena Moody

    A Japanese inspired resort with a 180° panoramic Himalayan view My journey to Hananoie [Han-a-noy-ee] Permaculture Resort began the previous morning as I left Pokhara to make my way first to Tsukinoie Hotel in Dhampus, a peaceful and friendly village at the base of the Annapurna range. Among the

  • The Kachhila Hunt


    When life gives you meat, don't cook it, eat it raw! Only knowing that kachhila is the meat dish eaten raw does not do justice to this popular spicy Newari dish made of minced buffalo meat and homemade spices. Kachhila is one among the two most popular twin-sounding meat snacks in the Newari menu, chhoila and kachhilla. Any occasion in the Newari community is incomplete without buffalo meat, lots and lots of buffalo meat. Most people would hesitate to eat kachhila due to it being raw; the Newars, however, are very fond of this food, as it is one

  • Roaming around an Open Museum: Bhaktapur

    Roaming around an Open Museum: Bhaktapur


    One of the best preserved ancient towns of Kathmandu Valley, it contains a multitude of historical artifacts, and thus, is an ideal cultural destination. We often run out of options when it comes to deciding where to go with our families on weekends, especially when you belong

  • Mana Maiju Jatra

    Mana Maiju Jatra

    Amar B. Shrestha

    Honoring the Goddess of Beauty Once upon a long, long, time ago, when the gods descended to Earth frequently, there was a girl named Mana in a place called Jitpur, She was a fervent devotee of Lord Indra, and meditated rigorously on the bank of the site

  • Danfe Nepal,Where Girls Find a New Life

    Danfe Nepal,Where Girls Find a New Life

    Prakritee Ranjit

    Exploring beautifully made items that provide work and hope to young women.  I really enjoy working here at Danfe Nepal. I have gotten a wonderful opportunity here and I am very happy about it, as I am able to utilize my skill for something useful. Coming to

  • Community Homestay in Panauti

    Community Homestay in Panauti

    Joshua Ryan

    For a unique and refreshing cultural weekend getaway, look no farther than Panauti, where you can experience an ancient but still vibrant way of life in a family environment. Panauti, just 32 km east of Kathmandu, echoes a Kathmandu Valley from decades ago; green fields of organic produce blended

  • A Tapari Full of Happiness

    A Tapari Full of Happiness

    Kashu Dhakhwa

    With the rising popularity of Newari food everywhere, many have now had the opportunity to taste the day-to-day cuisine of Newar households. One place that gives the best experience of the different dishes is located in Swotha of Patan.   As I walked towards Swotha tole

  • Bandipur Beckons

    Bandipur Beckons

    Words Evangeline Neve

      A hike up an old trail to a historical hamlet leads to a peaceful and relaxed overnight stopover.   Sitting on the rooftop of The Old Inn in Bandipur, gazing out at the amazing view and basking in the tangible serenity, I simply couldn’t believe that