Editorial . September . 2019

September, September

It’s that time of year again: the rains are tapering, yet still here, the air is warm and full of humidity, and we’re starting to dream of those glorious October days.

I’ve just landed back in Nepal after a whirlwind trip that saw me visiting several countries and quite a few cities—including some pretty amazing ones, believe me. Yet even after all these years I find that there’s nothing quite like coming home, reaching Nepal once again at last. Stepping off the airplane into the already-muggy morning air after a series of marathon connections and hours in flight, I resisted the urge to reach down and touch terra firma; it was just that great to be back.
At my house, the monsoon rains have continued their magic, and I found my pots of herbs and flowers running riot, an explosion of green. And back at work preparing this issue I am reminded, as always, of what an awe-inspiring country we are lucky enough to call home.
From an inside look at Indra Jatra preparations to a walk along the Bagmati River to insight about pashmina, Chaturmas and a farmers’ market in Pokhara, this issue is a delightful medley of just some of the many things that make living here such a joy.
On my travels, “Why do you live in Nepal?” was a question I was asked again and again. I’d like to think that this issue—or any copy of ECS Nepal, in fact—makes a great answer.
Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor