Editorial . May . 2019

The Joys of May

May is an interesting month—you can’t really say it’s spring anymore, but it’s not quite summertime yet, either. An abundance of rain in recent months means that the weather is cooler and everything is greener than it normally is this early in the year - and in the mountains there’s been a lot more snow.

If you find yourself cuddling up at home a bit more often, rather than braving the weather, perhaps this issue will provide some good rainy-day reading. From wandering mahavihars and shrines to our cover story, Great Teachings of the Blessed One, an overview of Buddhist teachings as we commemorate the month of Buddha Jayanti, you’ll find several pieces here that touch on the spiritual side of life, including How Hindus Contributed to the History of Science, a fascinating glimpse into the Hindu astrological science of jyotish.

Are you looking to plan your next trip? Or, maybe you’re more of an armchair traveler—it doesn’t matter: The Ghosts of Labar tells the story of an epic trek following a decades-old classic book set in the Arun area of Nepal. Low Trekking in Dhading and Langtang follows a group of friends on a shorter trip that’s also a route less traveled.

We’re delighted to share an interview with Peter Hillary, son of the legendary climber Sir Edmund Hillary and a mountaineer and adventurer in his own right. An Elegy Atop Everest is another nod to the anniversary of the mountain’s first ascent, 66 years ago this month.

Get an update on Nepal Art Now, the exhibit we wrote about in December 2018, now wowing visitors in Vienna. And, if you’re looking for something new and different to do with an evening, consider the Rhythm and Soul Series 2019, an innovative fusion dance show put on by the by Sushila Arts Academy for three days only, this month—we’ve spoken to two of the international dancers involved for this issue, too.

As always, this country is full of wonderful things to explore, and we’re delighted and privileged to track them down and share them with you.


Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor