Editorial . June . 2017

Take a Break, Become a Weekend Explorer

We each have moments when we need a break, a breather, a change of pace or view—just something a little bit different from the usual hustle and bustle of our daily life and work. Fortunately, we have lots of options here in Nepal, with world-class tourist destinations and myriad places to go and things to see. However, as many of these amazing experiences can take time—like trekking, mountaineering, or a long rafting trip—what should we do when all we have is a weekend, or even just a single day?
You may be surprised to learn that there are more places suitable for this close at hand than you might imagine. From hotels and resorts that focus on relaxation and nature, like Nagarkot or Dhampus, to spiritual getaways like Tapoban or Sanga, there’s something for everyone. If your interest is more on the cultural side, there are some terrific day trips that won’t be a drain on your time or wallet—exploring Bhaktapur, Thimi, Kirtipur, or Changu Narayan Temple, for example. Panauti provides the best of both worlds, with their cozy home-stays hosted by local families providing a base from which you can take a day to explore the traditional culture of the area. There’s a treasure trove of Nepal’s heritage and culture only a short distance away, and we can often neglect it when we are living here, but we shouldn’t: taking the time for it is important. 
Once we start searching, we’re often surprised at how many small adventures are right on our doorstep waiting to be experienced. Speaking of which, have a look at this month’s Where am I? and if, like me, it makes you want to pay the place a visit, do a little investigating to see if you can find it… 
In our regular features we talk to people making a difference in the country, craft producers that are keeping ancient art forms alive and giving employment to those that need it, and follow along in the footsteps of adventurous travelers. There’s also articles that cover great local food, a lesser known jatra in Mana Maiju, and one about a specific ritual, tuladaan, that was completely new to me even after many years here. 
We at ECS Nepal hope this issue provides you with both enjoyable reading time and a blueprint for the next weekend getaway of your own!


Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor