Editorial . April . 2017

Learning from old wisdom

This issue has been a fascinating one to work on, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. Natural healing methods, herbal remedies, and Ayurvedic practices are becoming more and more popular worldwide; here in Nepal, though, they have a long history and are in many ways a part of life. Many people have contributed their knowledge and expertise to this issue, and we hope it provides you with some background and information on some of the many alternate health and herbal treatments out there. In a broader sense, Ayurveda can be seen as a lifestyle, where changes and different ways of doing things can form a broader, more holistic approach to health in general. There’s a variety of opinions shared here, as I said, and not all of them will be suitable or even appropriate for everyone. Yet, we hope that you find something within these pages that will improve your life in some way, or give you a new perspective on the wealth of old-school knowledge and treatments that are out there—none of which should take the place of your doctor’s advice and good old common sense, of course!

Something we love here at ECS Nepal is finding others who care about Nepali culture, traditions, and history as much as we do, and even more so when they are actively promoting it and teaching it to others. In light of that, we’re delighted to showcase Project Sarangi and their month-long musical performances featuring young sarangi players.

And of course, it’s April, a month that will always be remembered for 2015’s earthquake. One of our writers was trekking in the Annapurna area that day, on assignment for us. In this issue, she looks back at that time and how she felt, then and now. Reading her piece brought me back to those days, and that feeling—which we should never lose—of thankfulness for being alive.

Our regular features—food, travel, culture, crafts—are also standouts this month. I enjoyed reading about the early days of air travel in Nepal, and a writer’s adventures in Jumla. As always, we hope these pages encourage you to get out there and enjoy something old or try something new.

Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor