Editorial . November . 2015

Photographs and Memories

Photographs are a larger part of our lives today —it has become rather too easy to capture moments in frames. 

The enigma of the time we live in is that, we can instrumentally emote the frames we freeze with different filters, when we want to, from various apps. We can immediately give them a grainy feel or reverberate nostalgia with little tricks in Photoshop app. We can distort and manipulate pictures, and give them different meanings in a different context of time. 


Photographs have been long used for various purposes—for information, for documentation, for memories, and sometimes as evidences for history. Although, with time, photographs have become like colloquial language, they are significant, and remind us of forgotten stories, sometimes evoking emotions, and sometimes liberating poignant punctums. 

This month, as photo.circle celebrates photography as a festival in Patan for the first time, we take a tour through Sumitra Manandhar Gurung’s memories through her photographs that document a brief history of Nepal between the 1960s and 1990s. Similarly, we also delve into how, with time, storytelling with photographs has changed today, as we touch base with Prasiit Sthapit and Kishore Sharma’s works in our cover story. 

In this issue of ECS Nepal, we also document the arduous journey of Bunga Dyo which was obstructed by the April 25 earthquake. We believe photographs are integral part of our lives, and for everyone to enjoy and interpret for themselves. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. 


Srizu Bajracharya