Editorial . February . 2015

Winter gets your appetite roaring! It is no secret that a majority of the population begins to pack on the pounds once the mercury begins to dip. True, a lot of it can be attributed to the lack of outdoor activity because of the cold, but there is science backed evidence that humans have an increased appetite throughout the winter months; an evolutionary remnant of a time when our ancestors sought to store their bodies with calories for a long, harsh winter. 

With that in mind, this month, during the heart of yet another winter, we have brought to you this Food and Liquor special edition of ECS NEPAL. Weaving stories of culinary escapades and fire-water fueled evenings, we have put together a collage that paints a picture of The Nepali Way and the manna that fuels it. In this issue you will find tales of both popular and obscure culinary delights available in Nepal; from adulation of the staple dal-bhat-tarkari to the extolling of exotic fried buffalo brain and tongue.  In these pages you will find drunken wisdom accumulated from years of dedication to raksi, as well as, suggestions of what you should be dunking into your next steaming cup of chiya. 

A large part of any experience in a new culture is the exploration of the local food culture. We welcome you to take this journey with us, as we meander through the back alleys and gallies of old town Kathmandu to uncover its culinary delights and the beverages used to wash it all down. 

Happy reading and bon appétit!