Editorial . December . 2014

There are perhaps few things that epitomize ‘The Nepali Way’ like our fabled arts and crafts. In this ‘Made in Nepal’ special issue, we bring to you a selection of Nepali handicrafts that hold on to the traditions that shaped them, yet also find new ways to infuse modern tastes.  In our cover story ‘The Traditional and the Contemporary,’ read about ground-breaking entrepreneurs and institutions that are shaping the future of traditional handicraft.

Woodcarvers, stoneworkers, bell makers and repoussé artists have all found their way into the pages of this issue. There are stories of those who have put their shoulders to the wheel and continued age-old traditions that have been handed down through generations.  There are also stories of firebrands at the frontlines, who are redefining how we value and perceive art. An elaborate feature on the life of the pioneer Dwarika Das will surely enthrall and inspire you. 

Yet sometimes, pictures paint better stories than words. Which is why, there are two photo stories featured in this issue— one on the restored houses of Patan, the other charting various processes that go into creating various handicrafts. 
Happy reading!