Editorial . November . 2014

As Hotel Shanker reaches its 50 year milestone, we take you inside the corridors of this old Rana palace and celebrate its rich history and architecture. Read about Hotel Shanker’s journey through time in our cover story.  

Also in this issue is a brief account of a few groups of individuals who continued to toil in harsh conditions in hopes of saving lives stranded in the blizzard that swept through the Annapua and Manaslu regions last month.

Our photo story takes you to Tibet and back on four wheels, whereas in a travelers’ tale, Don and Kareen Messerschmidt take you on a journey through mid-Nepal.

In our adventure section, we review a range of winter products from United Brands. You can also read through a personal account on bungee jumping over the Bhote Koshi and get inspired to try it out for yourself, if you haven’t already.
As the cold catches on, we hope you stay warm and cozy.

Happy Reading!