Editorial . March . 2014

The journey

Often we hear wise people tell us that the journey is more important than the destination. With ECS it has been an amazing trip so far and there is so much further to go. It is good to take a break in the journey and look back to see what has been covered. That is what we have done in this issue. Crowd sourcing is going to take a whole new meaning at ECS, we are asking you to tell us, show us, the Nepali way. We are also looking to engage you in various interesting things to do in Kathmandu and in Nepal. Talking about the journey, we take a closer look at the best options for food while traveling in Nepal.

Of the many aspects of Nepal that we need to find out more about, we have a story about our horse festival, Ghoda Jatra. You will also enjoy our look at the arts, gallery and books that are the center of conversations in Nepal. We also have a piece on climate change and its impact on tourism. A special feature focuses on the unique metal craft of Patan that produces beautiful utensils for everyday use. The copper pots are very popular and have found many uses beyond the traditional ones.

North of Kathmandu is the district of Nuwakot which is home to many historical and natural sites. There are good facilities to help you enjoy your travels north of Kathmandu. Nepali coffee continues to spread its good taste here and globally and has started to do quite well for itself. At ECS, we will keep you updated. The cover story this month is a creative way to look at what 24 hours means at a particular location. Whatever you are doing this month make sure you have time for the Nepali way.