Editorial . December . 2013

Made in Nepal

In our attempt and ongoing efforts to promote Nepali goods and services, we have published many stories and dedicated write ups each month on local craft and everything that is ‘Made in Nepal’. As quality becomes better, Nepali products are beginning to find their rightful place in the market place and are also starting to fetch the right prices. It is very encouraging to see so many entrepreneurs doing so well despite the political challenges in stabilizing the country and writing a new constitution. We must do more to bring these individuals out and celebrate their success stories. We hope you enjoy this ‘Made in Nepal’ issue.

First time visitors to Nepal often ask why there are no bald Nepalis. The reason is because men wear beautifully designed caps. There was a time when the Nepali cap was part of the official dress code and no one entered government offices without wearing one. Today people wear them out of “need” or to support the weavers and the related cottage industries. A few enlightened corporate offices have even taken the initiative to wear the Nepali cap and attire ‘daura suruwal’ one day a week. A few schools have also done this. In a recent visit to Palpa, we were all pleased to see the young entrepreneurs who are working to receive the Nepali cap making business. As winter approaches, and the mornings and evenings become chilly, the store fronts are all displaying the best designs and the softest samples of cashmere. What a universal gift item. Everyone seems to love a good scarf.

In this issue of ECS Nepal, we also have the story of one of the oldest churches of Nepal, the Bethshalom Church. If you are one of those people who love the great outdoors that Nepal has to offer, you will enjoy the pieces that we have included in this issue on hikes, cycling, and the attractions of Myagdi in west Nepal. The trip to the ancient town of Bungamati at the southern end of the valley is not to be missed.

The story on the festivities surrounding Dipankha is a good example of what ECS Nepal is all about and how our team is dedicated to promoting ‘the Nepali way’. We hope you enjoy every story and images we bring you in this issue. It is not easy to gather information and the beautiful images in each issue of ECS Nepal, but there is so much going on all around us. So many good choices. Everyday rituals, everywhere, make up the content for our stories. This month please also take some time out to spend a few hours at the museum at Chhauni.