Editorial . October . 2012

See green

In Nepal we have a saying that a ‘bull that goes blind in Bhadra (Nepali month) August-September will always see green”. It is amazing to see so much green all around. The trees, the grass, and the paddy fields are all lush green. Having green all around seems to make people a bit more optimistic and forward looking too. No wonder all political upheavals in Nepal seem to happen in April –May when everything is dry and desert like. It is a beautiful time of the year to be in Nepal. Green is also the colour of the primary producers- the amazing ability to use the energy from the sun to make food and sustain life on earth. This is the time of the year when Nepal produces most of the food it needs for the entire year.

In this issue of ECS Nepal we bringing you the story of how the entrepreneurs of Patan are beginning to turn their homes into “bed and breakfast” enterprises and how this could become a real movement. There seems to be a sudden and new energy available for heritage conservation all around. The old towns of the Kathmandu valley need this positive change. A lot has been lost but not all is gone yet. Better late than never.
In this issue we also answer your question about the “tika” that adorns the forehead of women and men across Nepal after rituals and special occasions including travel by air. Many foreign staff of airlines can be heard asking the Nepali passenger what the “tika” is and its meaning and significance. As you can imagine, everyone has a slightly different answer. We also take you on a trip to various exotic parts of Nepal. The Manaslu region is still pristine and a wonderful place to trek through. It is much more challenging than the well beaten paths of the Khumbu and the Annapurnas. We also bring you the story of two amazing monasteries. All worth a good read.

At ECS Nepal we also take time out to bring you insights to various organizations doing good work. It is really difficult separating the good ones from the bad. We hear there are over fifty thousand non profits in Nepal today. No doubt, all have the best intentions. This issue focuses on Gurukul – the now famous theater, and the Nepal Leprosy Trust. In this issue we also introduce you to some outstanding personalities, and the good work they are doing. The power of the few is never to be underestimated. The Newari feast- ‘bhoj’ has always been a topic of interest to many and we tell you all about this very popular social event that everyone loves to attend. As we move into the harvest season, we shall have many feasts indeed. We shall use up the surplus from last years’ yield and make space for the new. What a beautiful concept. No matter what you are doing this coming month we hope you make some time for the Nepali way.