Solace for the Soul at Osho Tapoban

Happening Issue 190 Sep, 2017
Text by Shivangi Bansal


Solace for the Soul at Osho Tapoban

 Looking for an escape from all the chaos and humdrum of Kathmandu? Then, look no further than Osho Tapoban. A perfect getaway from the city life, nestled between the hills and the forests is an ashram set up by Swami Anand Arun, who has devoted his life to the teachings of various spiritual masters.

Spiritual Holiday—what is it that pops up first in your mind when you hear this term? A series of meditation camps, going to the Himalayas, or sitting at a discourse by some guru. Well, Osho Tapoban provides all of the above. Located between the hills and surrounded by forests and fresh air, it has seven different kinds of meditation, starting from early morning, as well as discourses by Swami Anand Arun on Saturdays. It is the ideal place to seek some quiet and peace, and invest some time for your mental stability and happiness.


People often wonder, what is spirituality? “Spirituality is the luxury we can give to ourselves,” says Swami Arhan, a leading disciple of Swami Anand Arun. And, if we actually think further about this statement, we realize that those who follow the spiritual path are actually the ones who are happier, fresher, and more pleasant than others around them. Spirituality is no religion; it’s only the feeling of gratitude we have for being alive on this planet in every breath we take.

Today, the world is trapped in a ghastly façade of superficiality, corruption, and pollution, and honestly, the list is endless. There are so many people committing suicide because of depression or other mental illnesses. Amidst this entire conundrum, the only solace we can seek is inner peace and stability, and this is truly a gift we can give to ourselves.

Osho Tapoban provides a perfect setting in the hills, with organic food from their kitchen and a restaurant overlooking the forests and the hills and meditation park, besides deluxe rooms and suites. Currently, they are working on landscaping for a water body running through all of this perfection of nature.

My day spent at Tapoban was not only fulfilling, but also very rewarding, and I truly felt wholesome. I wish to spend every day of my life feeling that way, but if only we could take a step back from all our daily shenanigans, take a breather, and give ourselves sometime to count every blessing, every day would be a bliss!