Ibsen in Kathmandu Putaliko Ghar/A Doll's House

Happening Issue 59 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

It was raining most of the afternoon but just around 4:30, it stopped. I then went down to Maiti Devi and headed up towards Gurukul and the Sama Natakghar where it's all happening. Lately, Gurukul has come alive with poetry readings, concerts and plays. I had come to see "Putaliko Ghar" an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House". It was a reasonably good turn out considering the bad weather. There were enough people both sides of the stage, which on this occasion was in the center of the theater.

As usual, there was a lucky draw before the show and two free tickets were given to the lucky ticket holder. A little later, loud noise drifted down to us from the entrance. Someone was shouting. It was Nisha Sharma Pokharel making her entrance as Nora. For the rest of the show, this was the entrance for all the actors. Shekhar Chapagain played the lead role as Hemant, Aruna Karki as Leena (Nora's friend) Basanta Bhatta as the lawyer Kedar and Raj Kumar Pudasaini as Dr Rana (a family friend).

The play revolves around Hemant and Nora, a reserved bank official who has just been promoted to manager and his frivolous, childish wife. The story

weaves through the intricacies of life, where the past comes back to haunt the couple and the play also shows people's dependency on each other. It's a tragic tale that starts well for the couple. Nisha put up a brilliant performance as Nora and Basanta Bhatta as usual was exemplary, playing the part of Kedar. The last performance was on 9th September.

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