Genuine Taste: Kaati Rolls

Happening Issue 57 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

Anyone who has lived in Calcutta (now Kolkata) for a number of years (those who’ve lived for only a few weeks usually hate it) carries with him/her a deep-seated love for this wonderful city for its warmth, hospitality and rich culture. For students, it’s the cheap living, the countless cinema halls and the back streets that sell incredibly cheap second-hand books and magazines, etc. that leaves a lasting impression of a vibrant metropolis. But of the many things that bring back fond memories of one’s student days in Calcutta, it is the “Kaati Rolls” of Nizam’s, that one misses most. Other things can be replicated, but not the rolls. To be honest, most of us ate at the Bihar or UP Restaurants, but generally the whole complex (rows of roll joints) was popularly known as Nizam’s. Eating the various kinds of rolls there gave us immense pleasure with little burden on our meager allowances.

Although many restaurants selling rolls have sprung up here in the valley over the last decade or so, there’s been nothing quite like the little joint in New Baneshwar for authentic taste. Having lived five years in Calcutta (when it was still Calcutta) and with the experience of tasting everything that Nizam’s could offer, I find “Quick Bite Katti Rolls” has the closest thing to the genuine taste. The rolls here do remind one of Calcutta; the wrapping is the right thickness, not too much oil and the flavor is spot on. The only thing they’ve got wrong is the spelling of Kaati rolls. They say the name comes from the skewers that they use to cook the meat before they are rolled up.

Located very near the major crossing at New Baneshwar on the road that leads to Shankhamul (the little bridge to Patan), “Quick Bite Katti (sic) Rolls” offers from a simple Vegetable Roll to Double Egg Double Chicken Kabab Rolls. The former at NRs 30/- and the latter at NRs 85/-. The place is frequented by young people and office-goers for a quick meal. A good thing about rolls is that they are ideal take-aways and Quick Bite has a ‘Free Home Delivery System’. What more do you want? Forget about going to Calcutta, you needn’t even go to Baneshwar; they will be delivered right at your doorstep. Now that’s some service and the taste is just fabulous.

For details: Ph. 2040586