Forde Folk Music Festival, Talent 07 At Nepal Music Center

Happening Issue 70 Jul, 2010
Text by Arina Sherchan

Four hundred people waited anxiously at the open theater of Nepal Music Center. They were waiting for the young talents from China, Nepal and Norway to display their flair for music. One could feel the excitement building up from the reverberation of the audience’s collective humming within the theater. The event ‘ Forde Folk Music Festival’ was a joint venture of Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Nepal Music Center and this musical troupe had performed in Norway prior to arriving in Nepal.

This was the first of many concerts in Nepal. The organizers ensured everyone was seated before the program began. Music is a universal language and this was apparent from the way people were timidly shaking their heads. Some were tapping their feet and the only thing that kept them from standing up and dancing were the seats. The music enthralled the rapt audience who were treated to Norwegian sounds, Chinese flute, violins and the Nepali sounds of the maadal, flute and sarangi.
One by one the youths from Norway, China and Nepal played their own country’s melodies. The Norwegian lot of three girls played violins and harmonium with great vigor and their smiles charmed the audience. The Chinese flute was soothing and the violinist played from the heart. The Nepali trio of madal, flute and the sarangi added liveliness to the occasion and one could not help sway to the thumping sound the madal was making.

When they jammed together, they looked like one big happy family where their smiles shone. Their music was captivating and their hearts welcoming. Although only two or three songs were sung, the power of their music kept the crowd entertained. They made their instruments talk and the maadal gave the energetic drive that kept them going. Although the gala lasted for an hour and half, it was a great performance and a learning experience for the audience. The program proved that music is a universal language understood and enjoyed by all.