Experience Luxury to the Hilt at Hyatt Regency

Happening Issue 81 Jul, 2010
Text by Nandita Rana

Kathmandu is secluded by tiers of lush hills with the Himalayas on the backdrop. Covering an area of 218 sq. miles, the valley is small, yet, blessed with heritages worth exploring and experiencing. Despite the daily activities and hustle and bustle of the downtown, the unperturbed outskirts of the valley serve an ideal backdrop to relax and relish the essence of Kathmandu.

Located 10 km from the city centre to the North-East of Kathmandu is Hyatt Regency, a five star hotel that epitomizes cultural opulence of the city with a service synonymous to luxury.

Stretching over an area of 37 acres, Hyatt Regency is a true getaway. It is not only the star ratings. Its embodiment of monumental approach in designs and the superior location distinguishes Hyatt from the rest. Right from the entrance, one cannot fail to recognize the depiction of unique Newari style architectures.

Detailed craftworks and symbolic entities at its edifice exemplify Hyatt Regency’s sophistication. For example, monuments of the Lion God and Garuda (vulture God) that symbolizes power and protection, welcome guests at the entrance. The passage leading to the Hotel lobby extends over a pool of water. As one enters the Hotel, a miniature courtyard with replicas of 12 Chaityas (dome shaped Buddhist shrine) convey a welcoming stature and adding to the gesture is the friendliness with which the Hotel staff receive the guests. The Chaityas are collected from different places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Some of them date back to the seventh century. The Chaityas are selected owing to their architectural marvel and historic importance and were designed by the renowned architect, historian Niels Gutschow. The concept was developed with a view to create a composed environment and exude positive vibes starting right from the Hotel lobby.

“To see our guests sitting around the Chaityas feeling totally relaxed and some even closing their eyes to meditate, is something deeply moving for us” says Mr. Gadi Hasin, the General Manager of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. There is a seven minute DVD movie on ‘the Chaitya walk’ at the lobby that takes around Patan for a visual tour of the Chaityas which, the Hotel organizes on request. Hyatt’s close proximity to the Boudhanath stupa is one of its remarkable features allowing picturesque view of the temple from the lobby and even the rooms. The fifth century Buddhist stupa, which is a hub of Tibetan culture in Nepal, lies within ten minutes walking distance from the Hotel Hyatt regency.

Once at Hyatt it is R and R at full swing and plenty of activities to indulge in. A typical morning at the Hotel starts at ‘The café’ that serves variety of cuisines from breakfast to dinner. “The Mediterranean platter in Hyatt is one of the best,” says Charles, an artist and a traveler who has been staying at Hyatt for almost a month. “Since I am a traveler and am constantly visiting different places, it is important for me to have a hygienic environment wherever I stay. At Hyatt Regency everything is very clean and fresh. You feel like home here” he adds. The range of Indian breakfast at The Café to Italian lunch at The Rox Restaurant and bar marks Hyatt’s expertise.

A herb garden that stretches along the jogging track is Hyatt’s new attraction. Initiated by Executive Chef Vikram Ganpule, the garden hosts an array of vegetation ranging from herbs such as asparagus, basil, thyme, rosemary, dill, parsley to vegetables like tomato, chili, carrots and beans. The self sustaining project extends completely around the backyard and practices organic farming. “It meets all our requirements for herbs and is as easy and healthy as cooking from a kitchen garden. The herbs we use are always fresh; the reason behind the difference in taste of our foods,” says the chef. The freshness in the kitchen is the same as enjoyed by joggers alongside the lavish green plantations.

Club Oasis is another indulgence of the Hotel. It features a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a health and beauty spa, three tennis courts and a jogging track. Services include exclusive ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions and relaxation and rejuvenation therapies. Singing bowl meditation, for instance, is a popular therapy at the hotel. Executed by professionals this Tibetan meditation uses varied sizes of singing bowls to relax the mind and body. This meditation technique takes inspiration from nature and creates a hiatus from all kinds of stress and is helpful for the regulation of blood pressure.

The hotel also makes arrangements for other activities like mountain biking, jungle safari, trekking, mountain flights and even white water rafting, on request.

“The tranquil location of Hyatt is a major plus. Coming from the commotion of city, the hotel provides totally peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Since I travel with four children, the issues of security and the space to walk around are of concern. Hyatt duly meets the requirements,” says Hogfeldt, who has been travelling with his family of six and has been staying at the hotel for quite sometimes.

Together with a relaxed ambience, the room to privacy provided by the Hotel is what makes the stay here even more comfortable. Cleanliness and hygiene are other elements that speak for its popularity. The rooms are spacious. Cable TV with more than 80 international channels, voicemail and data port facilities, individually controlled air conditioning and heating, international direct dial telephones services, minibar and snacks dot the luxurious rooms. Hyjazz Club is another highlight of the hotel. Performed by some of the finest Jazz musicians in the country, the funk and jazz perfectly blend with its subdued ambience. Sip some of the exclusive concoction at the bar and enjoy the Hyjazz’s performance to wind down in the evenings.

An evening at the Hyatt lounge means relishing on selected wine and cheese with the scenic view of Boudhanath stupa accentuated by reflections from the deep blue swimming pool. You could hear the crickets chirp at a distance and the pigeons fluttering at the rooftops. And the faint tunes coming from lobby would add in to set a mood of complete tranquility. The serene milieu with unique art works and hospitability is what positions Hyatt Regency atop. “We are proud of the ambience we have been able to create. Even a blind folded person can tell that where he has arrived once he enters the premises of Hyatt Regency,” says Executive Chef Vikram Ganpule, perceiving the unique designs of the Hotel.