A place of solitude

Getaway Issue 145 Dec, 2013

Embrace tranquility and surrender yourself to peace at Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort And Spa

Most of us city slickers have never really experienced the tranquility that nature provides. Instead, we have grown accustomed to the constant noise that abounds in our metro. But there’s a place, hardly 30 minutes away from the city center, that can provide a getaway for those seeking calm and quiet -  Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort And Spa at Gokarna.
When I entered the resort I was so taken aback by the serenity there that I started humming the words to ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. There were no blue birds around like in the song but I did think to myself what a wonderful world it was.

The resort has 22 suites and standard rooms surrounded by a vast green property. The beds were fluffy and the rooms were spacious but what caught my attention were the bathrooms in the deluxe suites. Luxurious to a fault, they were the kind we see in interior magazines. One would have to climb steps to reach the bath tub! It was apparent that whoever designed this place wanted people to do nothing but relax. As I stepped into the balcony, I was mesmerized by the overwhelming softness of nature. The Gokarna forest stood tall and the sun’s heat urged me to spend the day in the hotel. At the back was the swimming pool and a jacuzzi. I really wanted to relax for a while but I couldn’t due to my schedule.

The Grand Norling may lack the facilities that other retreats provide but it’s barely noticeable when you’re there. The architecture itself is reason enough to visit. The building is designed in the Tibetan Buddhist style, with the walls bearing thangka paintings that lend a calm, peaceful nature to the ambience. In the second floor is a living room where people can sit and read. As sunlight enters the five windows, everything seems to fall into place. One of the architectural highlights of  the dome-roofed building is the Luxury Bamboo Honeymoon Suite. Cleverly embellished with bamboos, it is situated in the dome itself. “Our resort is closer to world heritage sites than regular retreats. It’s also eco-friendly and has beautiful views,” said Kunsang W. Shalu, one of the sales executives. 

Norling offers weekend and overnight packages along with spaces for conferences, workshops, picnics, fairs and banquets. They also arrange buses, tour guides and programs to entertain their guests. My brief visit to the spa made me realize how little I knew about peace and serenity. So, if you’re craving tranquility, look no further than The Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort And Spa.