The Third Eye, Taste that's Close to Divine

Food Issue 183 Feb, 2017

The Third Eye has been a Thamel mainstay since 1989, serving up some of the best Indian and continental food in the city. And you don’t jut have to take my word for it—no less of an authority than Lonely Planet has named it the top Indian restaurant in Kathmandu, and in the top five on their list of the city’s best restaurants overall.

It was easy to see why when I tasted their Hyderabadi Kebab, a delicious minty dish that was juicy, succulent, and kept me going back for more. It was served with Kashmiri Naan and more mint sauce, so as a mint lover I was pretty much in heaven! The Third Eye’s Indian food, and specifically their curries, have been made in the same way by the same cook for many, many, years now, which has resulted in a consistency and authenticity of taste that keep people coming back. “I can’t believe it still tastes the same as I remember from years ago!” is a common exclamation among the clientele here, many of whom are repeat customers. And I was not surprised to hear that Indian dishes are the most popular choice for diners here. Another reason for the consistency is that not only many of the staff and cooks, but also food suppliers, have been working with the restaurant for the last 27 years. It makes a difference and speaks to trust and reliability, and results in quality products.

The restaurant can seat up to 265 people, and there are many different seating choices—a wide open balcony, two rooms with interesting tiered floor seating, a bar room, and more. Whether you want to come with a large group, or just a few friends, there’s plenty of choice.

Another thing that is impossible not to be impressed by is the quality of service and the attentiveness of the staff, something that is not always easy to come by, but which add immeasurably to the enjoyment of your overall dining experience. It’s really important and impressive when done right, as it is here. 

Despite modern touches and upgrades, the management has tried—successfully, I feel—to keep the traditional alive, and everywhere there are antique pieces that have been part of the décor for years, as well as the use of authentic and cultural Nepali materials everywhere. The Third Eye is a place worth visiting.

Third Eye Restaurant
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4260289