Flavors of China

Food Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

Chinese food is one of the most popular of the great cuisines of the world, and is widely known for its variety and the deep cultural and historical heritage it reflects. Not merely a means of sustenance, it is an integral part of society, family and celebrations. Various cities and regions of China boast a variety of diverse dishes, cooking styles, traditions, and ingredients.

At Soaltee Crowne Plaza we are delighted to introduce Bao Xuan, Flavors of China, our new Chinese restaurant that is a treasure trove of authentic traditional recipes and delightful dishes from three of the most popular culinary regions of China - Canton, Hunan and Sichuan. Served in typical stone bowls and cutlery, the food is served in an ambiance that offers a traditional experience of fine dining in China.

At Bao Xuan the greatest attention is placed on authenticity with our experienced chefs using only the very best ingredients imported from China to ensure you treasure this experience of authentic Chinese cuisine. With a menu that has been carefully created to offer the best celebrated dishes from these three Chinese regional cuisines, we have balanced the items to offer a perfect selection for every palate as well as delicious choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


Meet the Chef     

At Bao Xuan, we introduce you to our Chinese Master, Chef Dhan Bahadur Limbu, who has been cooking Chinese food for over 18 years, at such reputed hotels as Holiday Inn Jaipur, Hyatt Regency Ahemdabad, Taj Group of Hotels, Leela Hotel etc. He explores and experiments with different  ingredients and has studied cooking cultures and honed his skills over many years. Uniquely for a Chinese restaurant, Chef Dhan takes a western approach towards the service and presentation of his dishes, while maintaining a traditional approach to cooking with herbs and natural flavorings. He is set to break out of traditions and take bold steps to reinvent Chinese cuisine with a touch of traditional Chinese herbs and quality ingredients to create his outstanding flavors. We invite you down to Bao Xuan Restaurant to experience the creations of this true master Chef.