Comforting Food, Tibetan Bread

Food Issue 185 Apr, 2017
Text by Kashu Dhakhwa

This may not be what you think of when you hear the word bread, but it's a delicious version of it you should try.

It wasn’t long ago that I sat with my trekking buddies, listening to their various beautiful experiences and how much they got to know about Nepal, and about how our country is a whole different world up in the mountains. They went on and on for so many hours that my hearing capacity had decreased massively. But, the moment their topic went to food and how much they ate, I started getting involved in their conversation. It was mention about the Tibetan flat bread that caught my attention the most.

This bread is among the most common food consumed when someone goes trekking. It is the kind of food you eat when you are too early for your evening meal, and too hungry to wait for it. But, the perfect time to have the Tibetan bread is at breakfast.

My eagerness to know about this dish ended the moment the waiter took our order, and the story ended there for me. However, my recent visit to Boudha gave me a most pleasant surprise. I saw Tibetan bread on the menu of one of the small restaurants there, and it didn’t even take a minute for me to order it, but when the waiter dai asked me how I want edit, I got a little confused. He then told me the different ways of how the bread could be consumed. The one that got my mouth watering was with the thick soup with eggs and vegetable on the side. He also recommended that I take either black coffee or tea. So I told him that I wanted one with eggs and vegetable, and one where I could dunk the bread in a thick soup.

My first bite of the bread was a big crunch, and I thought it was a clever invention. It was fried and slightly sweet with a dip of honey; I devoured it with my black bitter coffee. It was such a comforting food for me, mainly because it was sweet and in the form of a bread. The combination of the crunchy chewy was such bliss to my teeth, and the best part was its edges. I called the waiter and asked him about the ingredients to make this flat bread, and to my surprise, the list was short. In fact, there was nothing much! Just flour, milk, baking powder, sugar, and salt. That’s it.

The second way of eating the bread was with a thick pumpkin soup. The bread pretty much was the same, however, it was a smaller version of the previous one. They had cut the big bread into small wedges, so that it was easier for me to dunk it in the pumpkin soup. The taste was almost the same; expect a dip in the thick soup made it feel like it was whole new dish. The bread felt much softer, it soaked up just the right amount of the soup, and the most mind-blowing thing was that, the bread didn’t fall apart.

I am pretty sure that that meal was one of my best, very much filling, and certainly very healthy. I would definitely go back and try their other forms of the same bread. Maybe I will even try making one at home, since it’s not so much work!