Epicurean Delights: Jalan Jalan

Features Issue 57 Jul, 2010
Text by Roshan Gurung & Ivan Sada / Photo: ECS Media

If you walk from the Greenwich Village towards the Summit Hotel, you will not miss it. ‘Jalan Jalan’ is perched atop Kupondole Heights where the laysian Bistro, the restaurant has evolved into a Continental eatery but promises much more. Yes, you may remember a Jalan Jalan in Lazimpat not so long ago; they have moved to a better location.

A cottage in appearance with much greenery in the foreground, Jalan Jalan is all about coziness inside. The brightly colored walls look even brighter with Chirag’s recent paintings hanging on them. The place abounds in space and for a more relaxed atmosphere, there’s the lawn or the terrace, which are great for an early morning or early evening meal.

Continental is only part of the vast menu that promises anything from a Vietnamese delicacy to a typical Indian meal. Or would you prefer a spicy Thai soup? Tom Yam tasted good. There’s more if you look closely; Mexican specials can also be savored here, like Tortilla Azteca or Pesacado Zarzuela. Panggan or Kapitan with choice meats served with pineapple sauce, and cooked with peanut and
almond sauce will go down well with any epicure looking for such Malaysian delights. There’s much variety in the food here. Take your pick,  in accordance to your mood.

Jalan Jalan is the creation of Sailesh Bhatta and Shizuyo Shimmei who are both Fine Arts students and are friends of the artist whose paintings adorn their restaurant. “We already have a healthy flow of diners enjoying their evenings here, time and again. It’s not only because of the delicacies we churn up, but perhaps they frequent ‘JJ’ also because of its simple settings,” enthuses Sailesh. Talk about food, Chef Tshering Sherpa honed his skills for eleven long years in Australia after completing his course in the hospitality industry. The excellent service complements the good food that Sherpa prepares for you.