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  • So Close Yet So Far: Being a Nepali in India

    Anuja Upadhyay

    When I first moved to India to study at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University over 17 years ago, I was struck by the strange questions fellow students asked me. “Do you have microwaves or cars in Nepal”? “Have you climbed Mount Everest?” I often answered them in good humor, though

  • The Dream Weavers from WSDO

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    The Dream Weavers from WSDO Words: Sambid Bilas Pant Photos: WSDO Ram Kali Khadka watches the women at work as their craft slowly takes shape. The lives of the weavers are much like the products they make. They gather like the strands, tangle like the ribbons,

  • A Pilgrim's Tale

    Anuja Upadhyay

    A Pilgrim’s Tale By Susan Griffith-Jones Traveling is something that I love doing, so going on pilgrimage has also been a natural undertaking for me. But the act of pilgrimage is not just traveling to a place in the normal sense of going somewhere, but should be carried

  • Studying Buddhism in Bouddhanath

    Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    Part 1: How I arrived at the feet of the Master When it comes to studying with the High Masters of Tibet, one should never expect anything at all to be mundane! This too is not an ordinary story… I mean, it wasn’t like I heard about

  • Five things to do in Nepal

    1.Do a tattoo in Thamel Tattoo, which is a fashion statement, as well as a badge of belonging, has become more and more fashionable and acceptable. If you are a tattoo fanatic, you absolutely should make a unique tattoo when you are in Nepal. Since it’s ubiquitous

  • Himalayan Travel Mart 2017— Bringing Travel Professionals Together

    The Nepal Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has organized the Himalayan Travel Mart 2017 in association with PATA International, Nepal Tourism Board, and a host of other partners. The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and participants will be attending

  • The Lamjura 'Trial'

    Paribesh Pradhan

    Trekking the Great Himalaya Trails tests your endurance, no doubt, but what you get in return makes everything worth the effort.  It was during this time of the year that I started to walk the Great Himalaya Trails (GHT). More than three years have passed now, and

  • Mountain High

    The top signifier that you are in the Everest region is not the prayer flags strewn at every possible nook, or the cryptic looking mane stones with Buddhist chants sculpted on their face. It is, instead, upon hearing and asking the question, ‘How high are we?’—with recurring frequency and bated

  • A Million Blue Hues

    Trek to Rara Lake, where you’ll be bedazzled by the sublime beauty of the crystal clear waters on which dances a million blue hues. Often in moonless nights, it comes alive,” said the short-statured Gurung man we shared the bonfire with. He pointed at the clear sky above, and

  • In the Midst of Mountains

    Anuj D. Adhikary

    Trekking to the mountains is always as challenging as it is beautiful. Whether that switched between idyllic sunshine, relentless rain, or a whiteout snowfall, every grueling step in our trek to the Himalayas was worth it. Trepidations of embarking to high altitudes was thrown into thin air as the night