Heritage Walk

Rediscovering Patan: A walk through cultural corridor.

  • Date:
    Saturday, October 6th (time: 8:00 am - 11:00 am)
    Sunday, October 7th (time: 10:00 am - 12:00 am)
  • Start point:
    The Golden Temple
  • Duration:
    3 hours
  • Walk Expert:
    Mr. Dilendra Shretha and Mr. Pravin Chitrakar
  • Fees:
    Rs. 1000/person per day
  • For contact:
    ‎9813611476, 9849667498
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A destination for the finest art and architecture, Patan is a home to one of the most exclusive temples, stupas and traditional homes. One of the oldest cities in the country, Patan is also known as Yala in Newari language. A little quiet, quaint and charming, this city has the most diverse collection of architectural styles. As you walk through alleys, it provides you a refuge from the hustle bustle of a busy city. There’s a lot of rich history, from the brick paving peeking through to the layers of graffiti’s on the walls and intricate details of carved wooden windows. With variety of themed walks lined-up, the heritage walk explores the mixture that portrays the cultural fabric of the city such as heritage, art, architecture, food and nature. The walk will cover a broad spectrum of Newari heritage and culture. From museums to historically significant monuments and markets, to exploration of interesting landscapes and areas known for their rich cuisines, the walk is curated to give you an inspiring and an unforgettable experience.

ECS experience brings you a heritage walk, designed to gratify your cultural wishes. The purpose of heritage walk is to empower people by providing them with an enriching experience. We do this in two ways: first, by offering affordable walking tours through Patan’s rich history and culture and second by hosting specific themed walks every weekend or weekdays. All these activities are led by an expertise, who bring authenticity from their own personal learning and by listening to stories from old people. Our walks are not scripted and you will discover chronicles of the past you’ve never heard or read in the internet before.

Why heritage ECS Heritage Walk?

As this tour allows for personal observations and offers several nuances of heritage site, the real-time experience is a strong motivator for creating emotional ties with the place, crucial for understanding the meaning and values associated with heritage. At the same time, the challenges facing heritage also becomes apparent, thereby encouraging questions and concerns. This engagement with heritage is a first important step towards promoting action for the preservation of heritage. Especially, after the earthquake of 2015, where the city lost a lot of heritage sites and is also at danger of being lost due to developments and modernization, fostering the association of people with heritage can pave the way for its sustenance.

For more information:
Pooja Gurung: 9813611476
Sudil Joshi: 9849667498

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