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  • Hiking along the Edge of the Valley

    Dinesh Ra

    Take a taxi or bus to the Newar settlement of Gokarna (10 km from Kathmandu on the road to Sundarijal from Boudha) and check out the Gokarna Mahadev Temple, also known as Gokarneshwar, which has an abundance of idols dedicated to numerous gods and goddesses, some of which

  • Before Rocks and Mountains

    Prashant Shrestha

    Before Rocks and Mountains “What are we before rocks and mountains?” Elizabeth Bennet, one of Jane Austen’s immortal characters, exclaims when her beloved sister suffered from heartbreak. If you too are going through a bitter breakup, defeated by the pressures of hectic life, or just want to

  • Magical Myagdi

    Saroj Shrestha

    Myagdi has a lot to offer: stunning topography, rich culture, ancient Newari architecture in Beni, majestic temples, impressive mountain ranges, all sorts of wildlife, and not to forget, red pandas. 2016. What a year! Again. I’m so incredibly thankful and humbled by everything that this year brought. Some travels were

  • Luxury with Nature

    Neema Ghimire

    A first-hand experience of Gokarna Forest Resort, where history, nature and luxury blend seamlessly into creating an amazing experience.  What would be more comforting than going away from the hustle-bustle of the city when you are tired and exhausted? Just as when expert hands give you a

  • A Luxurious Jungle Abode

    Avash Shrestha

    The blend of the local feel and plush atmosphere makes the Taj Meghauli Serai an experience guests will remember for a lifetime. Our boat cruised on the serene Rapti River as we closely observed the grasslands on the river banks to get a sight of any wildlife.

  • Pavilions Himalayas

    Arpana Upadhyay

    What looked like tiny cabins from afar, later turned out to be extraordinary villas that you could live in forever. Pokhara has three of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, making it one of Nepal’s top trekking destinations. It is well known among the locals as a retreat,

  • At Naikap High Above the Smog

    Akriti Shilpakar

    I was born and brought up in Kathmandu. And until last week I thought I knew it like the back of my hand.  Kathmandu manages to take me by surprise every day. Some days it is a fast-paced city, other days it is a quaint valley. On the

  • It Takes a Village:Memoirs of a sojourn at The Gorkha Gaun Resort

    Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga

    When they said a resort, I was morbidly expecting black tarred roads carved into a hillside, manicured lawns with landscaped flower banks and beer-slinging urban hipsters on a weekend getaway. Mentally I was ready to cave the next few days away, in the depths of my room, with a book

  • The Capital of everything

    Kapil Bisht

    Pokhara plays the perfect host to lovers of the outdoors, adrenaline junkies, sybarites, holiday-makers, and leaves each one feeling it is a place made just for them I become a frog when I am in Pokhara. That does not mean that I grow webbed feet, have

  • Yoga re-imagined

    Biplav Shrestha

    A new way to getaway, we explore the newly established Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa Our journey to Nepal Yoga Retreat & Spa Center began from Thamel. After three days of rain, the sun and a clear blue sky was a welcome change. We met our hosts at a