Temptations at Temptino

Newly opened Temptino makes quite a first impression. This restaurant is a new franchise of Ghangri Café serving Italian, continental and many more.  Its chill ambience and great selection of food is bringing a little bit of Italy to Kathmandu.

We began with Gamberi Salsa Piccante—prawn with a creamy dressing of mayonnaise and herbs. The spiciness of the dressing counterbalanced the mildness of the prawn’s meat well. Alongside this appetizer, we were served an Insalata Mista, a fresh, tasty salad with Italian dressing. These dishes were a pleasure to look at, and a great start to the meal.

For the main course, we had Quattro Stagioni, a tasty “four seasons” pizza with a homemade base and vegetables, ham and herbs. Next, we had the Involtini Di Pollo. This dish of stuffed chicken was tender, perfectly cooked, and topped with a tangy and slightly spicy tomato sauce. To close off the main courses, we had the Lasagna di Verdure. This green pasta lasagna was creamy and well seasoned, with a lot of vegetables and mushrooms. Astonishingly delicious, it was neatly presented with layer of melted cheese and herbs on top.

Dessert, everyone’s favorite, was a highlight of its own. Zuppa Inglese, an Italian trifle with several layers of sponge with soft cream and strawberry and raspberry jam between each, was such a delight. The sweetness was a perfect match to the sourness of the jam, and the moist pastry just dissolved in our mouths. Last, but definitely not least, Cassata Della Casa was the best of all. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a dome shaped dessert, with layers of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream with nougat and chocolate sauce. Its varied tastes blended deliciously with every bite we took.

With dishes like these, Temptino is bound to make an impression on the city’s Italian food lovers. With an outstanding ambience and brilliantly made food, do try out this restaurant to feel like you’re in Europe for a little while, even inside the valley.