Holiday Comfort Zone with Newari Accent

Text by Urvi Suwal

Holiday Comfort Zone with Newari Accent


Set in the midst of Patan Durbar Square, Lalit Heritage Home has the perfect location for guests and tourists to feel the complete essence of home, with a spectacular view of the heritage from just about any room. With the facility of bed and breakfast and the warmth of four Newari hosts, this affordable guest house is bound to make your stay in Nepal a glorious experience.

The guest house’s building itself has a history, in keeping with the enchanting heritage around it in which it sits. The entrance is something typically found in most old houses of Patan, a spacious open courtyard and a traditional wooden door welcoming the guests. It was established in 2013, before which it used to be the ancestral house of the owner, hence, gaining its advantage in the prime location. It was designed with the idea of giving its guests the essence of Newari culture and a homely environment, without overselling Nepal. Although they do welcome tourists openheartedly, they are more inclined towards customers who are in for a longer stay. The hosts are the friendliest and most humble people, open to any questions about the area and Newari culture, especially because they were born and raised in this locality. So, guests who want to go around Patan Durbar Square can feel comfortable in asking them for assistance.


With 17 clean and simple rooms, Lalit Heritage Home can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. It has two buildings, out of which one is more centered, and meant for long term guests. It has a shared kitchen, and larger, more spacious rooms. The objective of this is to make guests feel comfortable, like in their home, even in a foreign country. Even though it is in the middle of a durbar square, where hundreds of people walk past, and through it, every day, the place is quiet and very pleasant. The price of the rooms starts from just $30 and scales up to $50. They are also most appreciated for the wonderful continental breakfast served, fresh from the locality itself.

There was one particular room which drew strong attention—Ga:Chen—a room which accommodates three, it has a typical Newari wooden tiki-jhya (four divisional square window), from which you get a panoramic view of all the temples and shrines in the durbar square. It so perfectly matches the aesthetics of the place. Since the decor includes Newari cultural reflection, they have presented old utensils and handicrafts in some of their rooms, which accentuate the feel. The best thing about this place is that, you do not have to worry about the feeling of isolation one is likely to get in a completely foreign country, which itself is a beauty of Nepali culture.

Lalit Heritage Home is a prime example of a beautiful approach to modern simplicity and respecting culture combined together. For culture-appreciating tourists and long-staying guests, it is a glorious guest house to stay in, with the assurance of hearty hosts and the proper feel of Nepal.