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De-stress with spa treatments that will get your body into balance with life and nature.

Life in Kathmandu can be brutal—the pollution, the people, your job, not to mention all the everyday stressors that take away from your mental and physical wellbeing. As great as this city is, it can also grind you down completely. As these stresses add on over months, and even years, you are left no longer the same vital person you once were.

So what can you do, you ask? Occasional breaks is the answer. Whether it’s a little vacation with friends, a hike out in nature, or if you’re looking for something more relaxing, a spa retreat. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to just leave for days. We have responsibilities—jobs, parents, kids—that need us. But, if you only have a few hours to spare, your best bet to beat the stress might be a few hours at a good spa.

Harmony Spa in Boudha and Divine Spa at Lazimpat are two great destinations if you’re looking for a few hours of respite from the mad rush that is your everyday life. These spas offer some of the best Ayurvedic massages and treatments, as well as the best healing practices from Thailand, Japan, Sweden, and more.

Their services include:

  • Ayurvedic Massage,
  • Hot Stone Therapy,
  • Deep Tissue Massage,
  • Swedish Massage,
  • Aroma Therapy Massage,
  • Trekkers Massage,
  • Thai Massage,
  • Foot Reflexology,
  • Spinal/Back Massage,
  • Head and Shoulder Massage,
  • Body Scrub,
  • Facials and Beauty Treatments, and
  • Manicures and Pedicures.

They also provide Spa & Massage training as well.

Harmony Spa and Divine Spa also specialize in Ayurvedic massages treatments, with unique Ayurvedic treatments, such as a traditional oil massage incorporating local herbs that heals and rejuvenates your body. Another unique treatment they offer is Shirodhara, where they gently pour warmed oil mixed with healing herbs over your forehead, where your third eye is believed to reside. It relaxes your mind and body, besides treating a variety of conditions like sinusitis, mental tension, insomnia, and even some skin diseases.

They also offer a range of beauty treatments, which include manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, facials, waxing, and threading. The facials, both routine and all-natural, and scrubs help cleanse and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling softer and younger. The manicure cleans, massages, and nourishes your hands, repairs cuticles, and shapes and polishes your nails. The pedicure cleanses, exfoliates, and massages your feet, repairs cuticles, and shapes and polishes your nails. 
The spas are run by professionals who have been involved in the business for over a decade and have received training in countries across the world, including China, Thailand, India, and Dubai; they always learning and keep themselves updated. Moreover, they have imparted their extensive knowledge base to their well-trained staff, who maintain a high quality and professional standard of service.

Both the spas, Harmony and Divine, maintain a high degree of professionalism and cleanliness, something you’ll notice as soon as you step inside the spa premises. The environment is pleasing, relaxing, and fresh.  Both the spas are located centrally in the major business districts in the city. Reaching the spa should not prove too much of a hassle. They also have ample parking space for your vehicles, so you won’t have to roam around looking for parking. 
Taking a spa break definitely has a lot of benefits. This is best put forward by Raj Kumar Shrestha: “Due the lifestyle people lead today, we live in a very stressful environment. From the moment you leave your home, the stress keeps piling up. In order to free yourself from this stress, spa is important. How it helps is, first of all, when you get a massage, it improves blood circulation, sending oxygen to every cell in your body and building up your immunity.”

“Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that massage therapy releases a hormone called serotonin in your body, which makes you feel good and helps your digestion, appetite, sleep, and memory. It also reduces the stress hormone “cortisol” and releases serotonin instead, leaving our body feeling good and relaxed,” he adds.

You might think all spas provide the same service, and you would be right. But, as Shrestha puts it, “The rice you and I eat might be the same, but the difference is in how they taste.” What makes these spas stand out is their quality of service, professionalism, and hygiene, as well as their easy accessibility in the busy city that is Kathmandu.

I would definitely recommend a little day trip to Harmony Spa at Boudha or Divine Spa at Lazimpat, whichever is closest to you. Forget your daily stress for a few hours and let your body relax and heal.

For More Information

Divine Spa
Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Infront of Mahaguthi.
Phone: 01-4433338, 4433339, 977-9851084635; Website: www.divinespa.com.np

Harmony Spa
Boudha, Tusal, Infront of Hyatt Regency Gate.
Phone: 01-4462996, 977-9851071471; Website: www.harmonyspa.com.np

Harmony Spa
Boudha, Fulbari, Behind Boudha Stupa.
Phone: 01-4915642, 977-9851225188; Facebook: facebook.com/harmonyspanepal

Open Time: 8 am - 8 pm (7 days)