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  • Uniquely Made in Nepal

    Joshua Ryan

    A lot more needs to be done to make Nepal’s beautiful handicrafts more competitive in today’s globalized world. Be it via grassroots brands, personal connections, or what have you, the element of ‘special items’ has a peculiar place in developing nations such as Nepal, that demands recognition. Niche production

  • Wooden Wonders

    Avantika Shrestha

    An art form that speaks of the length of our history and culture, shared through a medium we need to learn more about. Often ignored when mentioning our rich culture represented through traditional art, I first came across the beautiful craftsmanship of Nepali woodcraft when visiting a small exhibition

  • Danfe Nepal,Where Girls Find a New Life

    Prakritee Ranjit

    Exploring beautifully made items that provide work and hope to young women.  I really enjoy working here at Danfe Nepal. I have gotten a wonderful opportunity here and I am very happy about it, as I am able to utilize my skill for something useful. Coming to

  • Wonders Out of Waste

    Evangeline Neve

    Two sisters make an effort to create a culture change in the way we deal with waste paper. Jamarko’s large, open working area has a pleasant feel, somehow both relaxed and industrious at the same time. At a long table, a number of employees—most of them women—are

  • Rebuilding History

    Evangeline Neve

    We observe a simple but powerful grassroots project that is bringing people together to restore and preserve past beauties. In the April 2015 earthquake, we didn’t just lose monuments, temples, and heritage sites. Another, less heralded casualty were the countless private homes—many of which held irreplaceable artifacts

  • The Thangka Guru

    Anutara Shakya

    A four-storey commercial building at Hattisar is the last place you would expect a thangka school to be. Still, when I visited the school, I expected to find a doorway covered with the kind of traditional Tibetan curtains you see in gombas, and a big, fancy signboard with the school’s

  • Nothing about Anger

    Srizu Bajracharya

    Kalu Kumale is a name synonymous with wrathful deities, and thus when your interest builds up in his craft, you will most definitely try to trace the buried anger, rage, and indignation his works emote. But, it won’t be a surprise if you are left aghast to see this humble

  • restoring Lost Glory

    Amar B. Shrestha

    The number of heritage monuments destroyed or damaged due to the April 25 Earthquake has been terrible. Restoration is the need of the hour, but artisans are in short supply. Until 1970, ‘restoration’ was a word that was in the shadows in Nepal. It was the coronation of

  • Doing lots with Lokta

    Yukta Bajrachaya

    It may be only a piece of paper but it can also be so much more. Shri Bhushan Manandhar of Nepa Bhon is always exploring the possibilities and showing us that with Lokta paper, anything can be possible. The showcase of Lokta paper made earrings, hanging elegantly under the