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Shrawan Sankranti

The month of Shrawan has begun and so has the festival in the month of Shrawan, known as Shrawan Sankranti. The Sankranti marks the end of paddy plantation in Nepal and gets people ready to celebrate the festive occasions.

1Throughout this holy month, women observe a fast every Monday in the name of Lord Shiva. It is said that the observers of this fast and the worship of Shiva in this month will lead to long lives for their husbands.

The month long festival brings a unique fervor in Kathmandu. With the arrival of Shrawan, all the shops around are filled with colorful bangles, henna and pote. The women around are adorned with these accessories and mehendis, marking flamboyance and brightness everywhere. The glass beads, or potes are mainly found in the three colors – red, green and yellow and so are the bangles. Those three colors are believed to be the colors of Shrawan. The hands and palms also bring a wonderful and pleasing sight. Different designs of mehendi bring out the creativity of people as well. Palms are beautified with mehendi for the prosperity and the welfare of the family of married women. As for the unmarried ones, they put it by means of a prayer for their happiness and a life as colorful and deep as the mehendi itself.